• Scenes from an Execution

    By Howard Barker. Directed by Richard Romagnoli

    The eternal battle between the artist and the State….the passionate story of the Venetian painter Galactia, and her collision with the Doge of Venice.

  • GALACTIA, a Painter​ ​- ​​Jan Maxwell

    CARPETA, a Painter​​​​ - David Barlow

    URGENTINO, The Doge of Venice​​ - Alex Draper

    SUFFICI, An Admiral​​​​ - Bill Army

    RIVERA, A Critic​​​​​ - Pamela J. Gray

    OSTENSIBILE, A Cardinal &​​​ PRODO, A Veteran​​​​​ -Steven Dykes

    THE SKETCHBOOK - Meghan Leathers

    SUPPORTA, Daughter of Galactia​​ - Lana Meyer

    DEMENTIA, Daughter of Galactia​​ - Melissa MacDonald

    SORDO, a Painter​ &

    PASTACCIO, a Prosecutor &​​​

    MAN IN NEXT CELL​​​​ - Adam Ludwig

    GAOLER & LASAGNA, a Painter​​​​ - Jonathan Tindle​

    THREE SAILORS​​​ - Jonathan Tindle, Kean Haunt, Nicholas Hemerling


    Director: Richard Romagnoli

    Production Stage Manager: Eric Conner Marlin

    Lighting: Mark Evancho

    Set: Hallie Zieselman

    Costumes: Mira Veikley; original costumes by Jule Emerson

    Sound: Cormac Bluestone

  • a political play, and a thought-provoking one.
    —NY Times

    it shows Barker's poetic talent at its most disciplined and has the feel of a contemporary classic….it's a measure of Barker's subtlety that he shows how even the most transgressive art can be co-opted by the state.
    —The Guardian

  • Judith: a Parting from the Body

    By Howard Barker, Directed by Richard Romagnoli

    The story of Judith is one of the great tales of female heroism and sexuality that has inspired artists in nearly every generation. In Barker's telling, the fatal encounter between Judith and Holofernes becomes a complex duel of seduction and deception and a compelling study of intense desire and the sometimes terrifying nature of love.

    Vinegar Tom

    By Caryl Churchill, Directed by Cheryl Faraone

    A haunting play with seriously subversive intent – misogny, torture + songs. In a village in 17th century England three women are threatened with death for the practice of witchcraft. Vinegar Tom is a cabaret about hanging witches, with no witches.


    JUDITH, a widow of Israel​​​ - Pamela J. Gray

    HOLOFERNES, a General of Assyria​ - ​Alex Draper

    THE SERVANT, an Ideologist​​​ - Kathryn Kates


    Director: Richard Romagnoli

    Assistant to the Director: Akhila Khanna

    Lighting: Mark Evancho

    Set: Hallie Zieselman

    Costumes: Mira Veikley

    Sound: Cormac Bluestone



    ALICE​ ​- Tara Giordano

    JACK​ ​- Bill Army


    ELLEN​ ​- Lucy Faust

    JOAN​ - ​Nesba Crenshaw

    SUSAN​​ - Chelsea Melone

    BETTY​​ - Caitlyn Meagher

    MAN and DOCTOR and BELLRINGER and PACKER​ - Steven Dykes

    GOODY​ - Patricia Buckley


    THE SINGERS: Caitlin Duffy, Joelle Mendoza-Etchart, Liana Barron


    Director: Cheryl Faraone

    Musical Director: Carol Christensen

    Lighting: Mark Evancho

    Set: Hallie Zieselman

    Costumes: Annie Ulrich

    Sound: Aubrey Dube



    A take-no-prisoners piece.
    —Chicago Tribune

    …..a short, sharp and compelling literary composition based on the biblical Book of Judith. It stunningly chronicles the final hour in Judith's plot to destroy the threat to the Jewish Land by taking the head, and heart, of the opposition's leading general.
    —Fringe Report



    intensely serious yet shot through with black humour.
    — Arts Hub

    Caryl Churchill set out to write a play about witches that did not have any witches in it, a play " about poverty, humiliation and prejudice." The result is provocative theater.
    —NY Times

    Vinegar Tom has a curious resonance now. .. an excellent reminder to take nothing for granted, ever.
    —Curtain Up

    ….the deeper we go, the more clear it becomes that the witch hunt has never really ceased. . It's a hell of a show, unrelentingly bleak, darkly funny and a scathing look at gender politics.
    —Riverfront Times, St. Louis